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Gear Rental Inventory Catalog

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All sales and deposits are final.

General Rental Policy

General: In exchange for the rental of the Gear for the Rental Term and at the Rental Rate, you agree to the terms and conditions of this Rental Agreement. The Rental Fee will be due in full prior to your pickup of any of the Gear from us. You agree to return the gear in the same condition as when you pick it up from us, normal wear and tear excluded, and are responsible for any damage, loss, theft or malfunction of the Gear while you have possession of it. You cannot sublease or loan the Gear to anyone without our written permission.

Late Fees: If you return the Gear late (after the Due Date), you agree to pay additional fees as follows: (a) Additional Rental Fees will be charged at the same daily Rental Rate as was charged for the Rental Term (partial days will be charged at the full daily rate); and (b) A Late Fee of Fifteen Percent (of Additional Rental Fees) will be charged.

Un-returned Gear: In addition to paying for all Rental Fees and Additional Rental Fees, you agree to pay the Replacement Value for any Gear that is not returned within seven (7) days after the Due Date.

Damaged Gear: If the Gear is returned to us in a damaged, incomplete or inoperable condition, you agree to pay for the Replacement Value.

Security Deposit: In addition to a credit card authorization, you agree that we may charge you a security deposit for the Gear, to be security against loss or damage of the Gear or non-payment of any rental fees. Security deposit is refundable, if all gear is returned and not damaged of any sort.

Unpaid Sums and Remedies: You agree that we may charge your credit card for any unpaid sums you incur under this Rental Agreement (including those for rental fees and for any lost, unreturned or damaged Gear).